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Engage, assess and drive the client experience in real-time

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Solutions tailored to the specific needs

of the Customer Experience players in the company

Voice Of Customer Program
Drive the customer experience and centralize information to transform the organization

On site intervention & sales
Measure post-intervention customer satisfaction (repair, after-sales service, sales) and accompany field teams

Customer Service
Monitor post-contact customer satisfaction and increase staff efficiency

Evaluate user experience and improve digital customer journey and interfaces

Retail Network
Animate a retail network around customer satisfaction and re-engage customers at risk

Collaborators Program
Manage collaborators experience to mobilize and retain teams


Customer experience evolves gradually throughout the customer journey, but also at times where they are out of touch with brands.


of unsatisfied customers actually express their dismay to companies (by complaining)


of customers who suffered a bad experience with a brand have told people around them


of customers state that a bad experience with a brand makes them question their loyalty

Customer experience has a huge influence on the purchasing behavior of your customers and their likelihood to recommend (or badmouth) your brand. The revenue and profitability of your company directly depend on it.

It is therefore crucial for your organization to continuously collect live feedback and provide live responses. ConsumerLive enables you to do both.


Automation of customer feedback collection

On every channel and every customer journey

Gathering customer feedback
Tracking performance
Act to generate loyalty

Where ?
After a visit in one of your stores or on your website, after interacting with your customer service or your social networks, during a product delivery

When ?
Surveys sent to customers at every key moment of the customer journey

How ?
Thanks to several feedback collection tools: in-store terminal, QR code, email, SMS, telephone, live agent, or via automatic integration of other data sources (Voice server, CRM…)

Tracking indicators in accordance with your priorities and sector: satisfaction score, NPS, attachment score, customer effort score, brand image score…

Text mining and automated verbatim analysis

Configurable scorecards

Personalized information for each contributor to the customer experience (front office, proximity manager, store director, marketing management, general management)

Benchmark updated in real time: by country, customer journey, target, channel…

Real time customer experience feedback

Enabling you to generate Loyalty

Gathering customer feedback
Tracking performance
Act to generate loyalty

Escalation of red flags in real-time via email and within ConsumerLive

Accessible results from desktop, tablet, and mobile with intuitive, ergonomic and 24/7 reachable user interface

Customizable workflow

Tracking of actions taken by your teams towards your customers

Automated CRM feed


Accessibility, availability and security…

in a SaaS solution simple to implement

Real time
Hot feedback collection (email, SMS, tablet, QR code, …)

Instant feedback and dissemination to operational teams

User centric
Ergonomic platform, available 24/7, Responsive Design, Multilingual

Taking into account all the relational channels of the company

Ad hoc
Co-built indicators and customizable features

Easily interfaces with a CRM (batch or API)


Assist your organization at each step of the process by providing you with a broad range of expertise


Construction and animation of devices

Audit of clients and collaborators’ journey (identification of moments of truth)

End-to-end project management, support in action plans


Choice of solicitation moments, KPIs and customized questionnaires

Analysis of the results (KPI and verbatim) and provision of scorecard

Realization of benchmark and ad hoc studies qualitative or quantitative

Data processing

Tool configuration and customization

Hosting, maintenance and data security

Progressive releases and customized function development

Training & support

Design of e-learning tools and customized training

Assistance and support for users (hotline)

Change management accompaniment


Worth a thousand words…


We assist you in imagining and implementing a simple, seamless and effective customer experience suited to your customers’ constantly evolving expectations and in line with your business model



Omni channel strategy, customer journey, organization, and tools



Assisting your customer service, retail and sales teams



Marketing studies, innovation consulting, feedback management